A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

In the God Ahk'zathoath, you seek fulfillment. He is the God of emotions' control. But to reach him, you will have to pass his trials, composed of 4 special mazes which don't have any walls.

Easy, you think ? We'll see.

Ahk'zathoath keeps an eye on you.


Made by these 4 students in Game Design at ICAN, Paris :

  • Apollinaire Behra Le Cam (Suburban_Scum on itch.io)
  • Bekir Kilinc (Enlocke on itch.io)
  • Margaux Muller (Daeneb on itch.io)
  • Charly Rousseaux (myself, Eshe)

Install instructions

To play the game, you just have to download and launch the Unity executable (for Windows) or the .app (for Mac) file named Ahkzathoath. Note that the Mac version might contain some unwanted problems (like the post-process which can be not supported), sorry. Anyway, enjoy your trials !

We recommend you to use a headphone to play this game. Other than that, you just need a mouse.


Ahkzathoath_Windows.zip 18 MB
Ahkzathoath_Mac.app.zip 23 MB

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