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Participant of the Hits Playtime contest of 2018, Eveil is a student project made in about 3 months in the end of 2017.

It is a first-person game based on the following keywords : exploration, contemplation, feelings.

Basically it is a sandbox where you can walk around in different types of biomes by passing through breaches, which are present on some walls - some of them are visible, others might be hidden. Keep in mind that there is not a single path, each biome have multiples breaches, from 2 to 4 (except for 2 biomes, which have only one breach each).

There are also some monoliths (little stone with a white sphere in it) which you can interact with. One of the idea behind this was to be able to find messages, wrote by other players in their own game, and be able to write messages too, like throwing a bottle into the ocean, using online services (but it's not implemented).


Made by these 4 students in Game Design at ICAN, Paris :

  • Apollinaire Behra Le Cam (Suburban_Scum on itch.io)
  • Bekir Kilinc (Enlocke on itch.io)
  • Margaux Muller (Daeneb on itch.io)
  • Charly Rousseaux (myself, Eshe)

Install instructions

To play to Eveil you just need to download the .zip file, launch the .exe file it contains and click on Play!

Controls :

- ZQSD (azerty keyboard) to move

- Space bar to jump

- Hold the C button to crouch

- Hold the left shift button to sprint while moving

- Move the mouse to look wherever you want

- The left click on a little monolith (little stone with a white sphere) opens the read UI

- The right click on a little monolith opens the write UI


Eveil.zip 43 MB

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