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Vestige is a twin-stick shooter with a top-down camera. It takes place in a ruined world you have to fight against waves of enemies in a succession of arenas.

You control an avatar that has the ability to move, and collect modules on the field. These modules form a "pack", which orbits around your character, in the direction of your aim.

The modules are the only resource that you can use to survive and fight! It is then a question of managing well their number, to avoid being short of resource, and to alternate between their different modes to use them judiciously...

Offensive Mode: allow modules to be fired from the pack as projectiles to destroy enemies. The offensive modules are destroyed by any contact with enemy projectiles.

Mobile mode: gives a Dash power to the avatar, which consumes modules but allows to cross enemy attacks and walls. You don't have any offensive power in this mode.

Shield Mode: an enemy projectile that touches a shield module is reflected. The affected module is destroyed, but the returned projectile destroys all other projectiles in its path, and deals damage to enemies. Modules can also be used to create temporary walls on the battlefield.

The game is organized in successive arenas, in which you must survive against a determined number of waves of enemies more and more powerful.

Destroying enemies earns points, with a system of multipliers on uninterrupted kills. Each arena draws the score and the time taken to be accomplished, and associates them with a performance rank. The arenas also offer unique Level Design layouts, with many variations and pitfalls.


Made by these 5 students in Game Design at ICAN, Paris :

  • Apollinaire Behra Le Cam (Suburban_Scum on itch.io)
  • Bekir Kilinc (Enlocke on itch.io)
  • Margaux Muller (Daeneb on itch.io)
  • Charly Rousseaux (myself, Eshe)
  • Rodolphe Vial-Pailler (Peco-Senpai on itch.io)

Install instructions

To play the demo, simply download the zip, decompress it and launch the .exe file.

You'll need a mouse and a keyboard to play the game. We also highly recommend you to use a headset or headphones!


Don't hesitate to give us your feedbacks!


Vestige 37 MB


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Le gameplay est vraiment super cool, j'avais hâte de le tester dans sa version la plus récente et je suis pas déçu, vivement qu'il y ait plus de niveaux et de patterns !

Merci beaucoup !