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Vestige is game project featuring high speed pilotage, exploration, and free graphic expression in a vast open world.

The player controls an entity hovering above the ground, which can gather spherical followers in the environement, forming a "pack" behind it. Followers allow the player to reach higher speed, and to unlock special actions.
The player can chose between 3 stances for his pack, which control their shapes and overall abilities. 

  • The "Standard/Basic" stance is focused around movement and manoeuvrability. 
  • The "Rake" stance ups the collecting power of the avatar.
  •  And the "Needle" Stance allows for maximum speed (using a short but powerful Boost) and dodging capacities.

Followers can also be used to leave a permanent trace of their trajectories on the ground, allowing the player to express himself, and to leave souvenirs on which he will stumble later on.

The game doesn't have any objectives, it is simply a proof of concept for our means of interaction and rulesets! (Note that there might be some bugs while playing, especially in the canyons environment, we are sorry for that)


To play the demo, simply download the zip and decompress it. Remember to turn on/plug in your gamepad before launching the .exe file.

Controls are on gamepad, but you'll need a mouse for the menus!

If you have performances issues, consider launching the game in a lower quality. Disable the water reflectivity and reduce the grass distance may also increase your performances.


Made by these 5 students in Game Design at ICAN, Paris :

  • Apollinaire Behra Le Cam (Suburban_Scum on itch.io)
  • Bekir Kilinc (Enlocke on itch.io)
  • Margaux Muller (Daeneb on itch.io)
  • Charly Rousseaux (myself, Eshe)
  • Rodolphe Vial-Pailler (Peco-Senpai on itch.io)


Vestige_WIP_v0.11.100219.rar 40 MB

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